Inexpensive Home Alarm Monitoring?


 The Truth About Free Home Alarm Systems

Lets get this straight, while a free home alarm system may sound like a good idea, most companies offer this tempting marketing ploy for one reason. To get you on a monitoring contract.

Typically, a free home security system has the keypad, system brain, power supply and phone  jack all in one nice neat package. While this may be an installers dream, it is actually of little or no value to you, the home owner in terms of real household security.

When an alarm system is typically triggered, you have a time delay that allows you to input your security code into the keypad and disarm the system, this however is the same time delay that a would be criminal has to locate your alarm system in your home.

Imagine the convenience for the thief when he finds this nice neat alarm package? He can simply tear the system from the wall disabling all of the features in one fell swoop. If this is done before the alarm sends it signal to the monitoring company, they will never be notified, still feel secure?

Worse yet, if the phone jack is near the system itself, a thief could simply unplug the system from the phone line. That is the only way these particular alarm systems can communicate with the monitoring company. A shoddy idea at best, great for manufacturing convenience, but bad for home security.

While we all want value for our money, it is important that separate keypads, control panel (physically and specially seprate from the keypad), and siren.

It is crucial that these components all be installed and separated from each other.

Not all alarm systems are created equally and neither are all alarm monitoring companies, value is of importance, but not at the cost of proper security. Do yourself and your family a favour, take the time to investigate proper alarm systems, monitoring companies and let that be your value guide. Home security starts with proper installation.


Smart CCTV Home Security

Many people today employ wireless CCTV systems in their homes, but many people do not take steps to properly secure their network.

CCTV SecurityDid you know that their are internet sites that stream unsecured wireless CCTV network feeds around the world? Yes! Homes, business and nursery feeds can be found with a simple internet search,

If you have one of these so called “smart” wireless camera networks in your home or business it is wise to implement the following steps immediately.

No Default Passwords!

During your setup your wireless CCTV network will come with a default password. Most people are unaware of the fact that the default passwords exists and is the same on every device. Make sure that you change it! It does not have to be something robust, the key here is changing it from the default, period!

While you are at it make sure that all video baby monitors and wireless web cam passwords are changed as well. The same software that “hackers” use to detect your wireless CCTV network feed will find all devices inside your home, making any wireless security or non security camera available to them.

Remote Viewing

A major selling point for home video security systems is remote viewing, with CCTV it gives us peace of mind knowing when the kids get home from school and that they are safe while we are at work. This is great for parents, but we do not need remote viewing for in home baby video monitors or any other wireless camera device in the home. Remember if it is on your home wireless network, it is accessible to the internet, simple turn it off!

Another great tip here, turn all non essential cameras in your house off, power them down and no one can have any access to the situation in your home via these devices.

While we all buy wireless security products with the best of intentions, it is important that these networking devices are set up correctly. The feeds that they provide can be a potential home security risk in the hands of the wrong person. Protect your home and your family!